Humility and The Mission of God
Take a minute to read Mark 1:1-8
Sometimes it’s easy for us to think that we are bigger deal than we really are. It is human nature for us to want to be praised. We want people to think we are important. We want to be a big deal. Humility is not one of our best traits as human beings.
As we read the beginning of the book of Mark we see someone who could have easily decided that he was a big deal. John the Baptist was not just a guy who was preaching in the desert. He was a guy who had been prophesied to come and introduce the Messiah. As big a deal as I would like to be, I know that nobody was writing about me in the Old Testament hoping I would come and change the world forever.
John the Baptist could have easily believed himself to be more important than anyone else in history. He could have taken advantage of his position of forerunner to the Messiah. Instead, he stayed true to his message and his convictions. John’s message was not even one that would make someone popular, but for a people who were striving to come to peace with God, his message of confession and repentance struck a chord. Not only was his message on point, but he also lived a life that reflected just how committed he was to this message that God had given him.
Just like John the Baptist, we too have been given a calling that has nothing to do with elevating ourselves. As Christians we proclaim the Gospel and glorify God with our lives. When the temptation comes for us to think too highly of ourselves we can remember that our mission has no room for pride or selfish accolades.
Reflection Take a few minutes to do some soul-searching. Is it more important for people to respect you than it is for people to see Christ in you? Are you seeking to be known or to make Christ known? Do people see the real you or the you that creates your own followers? Ask God to help you resist the temptation of pride.